The WMF is a non-profit organization. It recognizes the interdisciplinary nature of mediation.

Its mission is to develop and share knowledge, information and skills within and outside of all areas of mediation around the world. Its mission is also to build bridges between practice and academic circles.

The mission of the WMM is ensured in particular by the organization of an international conference that takes place every two years in a different country. Other means of fulfilling its mission are encouraged: dissemination of information through social networks, seminars, national conferences, training, courses, publications.

The three official languages ​​of the WMF are English, Spanish and French.

Executive Committee

Mylène Jaccoud, School of Criminology, University of Montreal, Canada, Chairman

Riccardo Cappi, University of Bahia, Brazil

Claude Houssemand, University of Luxemburg, Luxemburg

Annalisa Trovó, University of Padova, Italy

Gian Piero Turchi, University of Padova, Italy

Scientific Committee

Claude Houssemand, Université du Luxembourg (Président)

Dale Bagshaw, University of South Australia

Bruno Deffains, Université Assas, Paris, France

Cátia Sofia Marques Cebola, Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão, Leiria, Portugal

Brent Loren Epperson, Université du Luxembourg

Mari Paz Garcia-Longoria, Universidad de Murcia, España

Francisco Gorjon, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Mexico

Natalie Gorlova, Siberian Federal University, Russia

Jieren Hu, Université Tongji, Shanghai, China

Ambeng Kandakasi, Supreme and National Courts, Papua New Guinea

Jan Kayser, Centre de Médiation Civile et Commerciale, Luxembourg

Heather McGhee-Peggs, Partner at Just Equitable, Toronto, Canada

Adriano Moura da Fonseca Pinto, Universitdade do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Oumar Ndongo, Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar, Sénégal

Elisabete Pinto da Costa, da Universidade Lusófona do Porto, Portugal

Jean-François Roberge, University of Sherbrooke, Canada

Remonia Stoddart-Morrison, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Sónia Moreira Reis, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Christian Thuderoz, CNRS, France

Gian Piero Turchi, Università di Padova, Italia

Tatiana Yustus, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, Moscow, Russia